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Want to get involved in Modern Nexus? Whether you are interested in writing, supporting the data work, or just getting some experience working on a gaming website like ours, we might have a home for you in the Nexus. Here are the different ways you can help out and the current availability of each role:

Staff Writers

We are not accepting applications at this time (11/29/2015)

Modern Nexus is a great place for writers to get their content and ideas out to the greater Modern community. As we expand and continue to provide quality Modern coverage, we are interested in bringing on writers to regularly contribute their work to our site. Please see additional details below:

  • Work Responsibility
    Staff Writers will write 1-2 articles per week, always on a regular schedule. This will include a mix of personally selected topics and editor-assigned pieces for the site. Writers will be responsible for topic selection, editing their own articles, and regularly responding to readers in the comment section. Writers will also be expected to regularly communicate with the Editor in Chief on their articles and writing.
  • Compensation
    • This is a paid position.
    • Writers will be compensated based on article quality and previous writing/Magic experience.
    • There is no fixed rate. Rates are negotiable with the Editor in Chief.
  • Requirements
    • No previous writing experience required! All applicants will need to submit a sample of their work, but this can be something they write as part of the application or something already written (see next section for more).
    • Tournament experience strongly preferred.
    • Excellent written and communication skills.
    • Ability to work within and meet deadlines.
  • Interested?
    • Email the Editor in Chief, Jason Schousboe ( with the tagline [Writer] in the subject line.
    • Include a brief description of why you are interested in the position and what you can bring to the site.
    • Describe any previous tournament or writing experience you have. Writing experience does not need to be related to Magic or even Modern.
    • Include one sample of your past work that you believe showcases your abilities. Samples should be 2000-5000 words and concern Modern. If you do not have previously published pieces, you may instead write something just for the application.
    • Include three article ideas that you think would be good fits for the site. Each idea should have a 1-3 sentence description of what the article would cover.
    • Include any questions you have about the site, the position, and/or the content.
    • All prospective writers will receive a response within no more than 1 week of submitting their application.
    • Only complete applications will be considered.

If you are accepted past the first application stage, you can expect to have a 4-6 week review period before attaining full Staff Writer status. During that period, you will produce content on a regular schedule, including both assigned topics and those you select yourself. Depending on how the review period goes, you may be accepted as a regular Staff Writer for Modern Nexus.

20 thoughts on “Join the Team

    1. Right now, all revenue is being re-invested in the site to increase readership and capacity. Once those investments are further along (hopefully 3-4 months), pay scales will be determined based on some combination of a flat rate, comments, word count, and article views, with a maximum payment threshold set. Those numbers are still in the works as we develop our revenue models.

      But regular writers will definitely be paid. Based off of preliminary models, average per article rates will (in the shorter term) eventually range in the $10-$40 range, with an initial rate depending on writer experience and word count, and a bonus rate based on viewership and comments. If the site really explodes, that could get higher.

    1. Can’t tell if you are serious. The website explicitly says “All prospective writers will receive a response within no more than 1 week of submitting their application”, which is beyond reasonable when evaluating multiple candidates with submissions.

      EDIT: To be clear and transparent about this, the application was submitted less than 36 hours ago. All applications will be responded to within 7 days of their receipt and likely earlier.

      1. I see where the misunderstanding comes from. I’m not referring to a response regarding the outcome. It’s customary to send a return letter that you have received the application itself, as soon as possible. This is an integral part of offering a job and apparently something you were not aware of.

        Last summer when I ran a campaign for new employees for my company I made the same mistake and got a lot of flack for it, even leading to some of the applicants backing off because other employers sent them feedback and established communication first. It doesn’t matter how long your evaluation period is, it’s almost obligatory and most certainly highly recommended to send the return letter I mention, most often including some crap like “thank you very much for your input, we are aware of your application and are in the process of evaluating whether or not your talents will serve our company in the direction we want to grow and if not will be sure to recommend you to other businesses that it will” and other generic bullshit like that.

        It’s just how those things work.

        1. This is by no means common practice. Some businesses do it, others do not. And it is definitely not required if the application page already states that applications will be responded to within 7 days no matter what.

  1. Heyho!

    Just a small question as somebody how wants to contribute to your site (on a regular basis ofc). I would have enough time till Fall to write articles for Modern Nexus, after that I have to see if I could continue with the writing. Would it be possible to be just a writer till Fall (exception is ofc, if I have enough time to continue it and you take me 😛 ) , or do you look for guys who are planning to contribute articles over a longer time period?


    1. We are really looking for longer term commitments right now, especially given our phase of growth. Working with writers is an investment and we want that investment to be beneficial to both the writer and the site as a whole. That’s why we want to cultivate more lasting staff writers for the Nexus. But I definitely encourage you to apply in the fall when you know more about your schedule!

      1. Just to make it clear, till October I would write an average of 2 articles per week, starting with October I would see, how much time I have, but I still will be able to write an average of 1.5 articles per week (so 6 per month). The thing is (what I wanted to say with my original post) that beside the small decrease in articles (so I would be even with your requirements) I would have to reduce other activities for the site (like collecting data for the deep-dive-analysis).

        If you still think, that it would be better for me (or for the Modern Nexus site) that I should apply in the fall, I will definitely do it.


        1. The baseline workload is 1 article per week, so if you think you could keep that pace going into the fall then absolutely apply. I would rather writers focus on articles anyway and not on deep-dive data collection (we have other options there). So if you think 1 article per week is sustainable for the foreseeable future, then I encourage you to submit the application.

  2. Hello Sheridan,

    I see you are currently not taking applications for writing, but would love to submit some potential writing samples should a opening were to occur. would you like me to hold onto that material until then or shoot you an email just to be on the radar?

    1. We are, there have just been some problems with the internal email addresses. I’ll contact you separately at your email and we can coordinate there.

  3. I sent an article in for just single community article. Since “Contribute Articles” doesn’t have a comment section I’m putting this here. I sent it in 11 days ago and was expecting a response by now. I don’t even know if it was received.

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